Penetration Testing in Dominica

Proactively protect against security threats with Penetration Testing

What is a Penetration Test?

A penetration test (or "pentest" ) is an authorized attack against your IT systems to identify and exploit their security weaknesses, in order to evaluate the real-world risks they pose to your business.

The goal of a pentest is to proactively uncover your weakest links and identify the extent of damage a real malicious attacker could cause your business.

Penetration Testing in Dominica

Secmentis Penetration Test services are available in Dominica, in major cities like Roseau, Portsmouth, Marigot, Berekua, Mahaut, and Saint Joseph, and can be provided remotely. Generally, we provide Penetration Tests worldwide in the Americas, Asia & Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa regions.

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Who are your adversaries?

Who could attack your systems to cause damage?

  • Malicious outsiders (i.e. your competitors, hacktivists, nation states, or organized cyber criminals)
  • Insiders (i.e. your own employees / ex-employees)
  • Your customers , knowingly or unknowingly (through their compromised IT systems)
  • Your vendors or business partners, knowingly or unknowingly (through their compromised IT systems)

Types of penetration tests we perform

Network Security Testing

  • External Penetration Testing - More
  • Internal Penetration Testing - More

Application Security Testing

  • Mobile App Penetration Testing - More
  • Web App Penetration Testing - More

Physical & Wireless Security Testing

  • Physical Penetration Testing - More
  • Wireless Penetration Testing - More

A penetration test by Secmentis can be performed from any of the above perspectives and by exploiting multiple attack vectors .

How we can help

Secmentis uses the same tools and tactics used by the bad guys against your business. We employ both manual and automated testing methods, and take advantage of both custom-built and industry available standard tools.

Depending on the type of penetration test (pentest), Secmentis experts assume the role of malicious outsiders or insiders to your organization, and perform activities that simulate the actions that real cyber criminals would take.


Which penetration test is best for your business?

What are the benefits of penetration testing?

Why work with Secmentis?

What our customers say.

Why Secmentis? Benefits of working with us

We take your cyber security seriously. Our Penetration Tests are tailor-made for your organization. We don't do one-size-fits-all.

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Which Penetration Test is best for you? Types of Penetration Tests we offer

External Penetration Test

Find out whether your Internet-facing IT infrastructure (e.g. websites, email servers, VPN, etc.) is vulnerable to attacks and what the vulnerabilities are.

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Internal Penetration Test

Could a disgruntled employee or trusted third-party steal trade secrets or cause extended damage to your internal network?

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Mobile App Penetration Test

In what ways could a malicious third party manipulate your mobile applications? Could they obtain sensitive data from your mobile applications?

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Web App Penetration Test

What sort of access could a malicious hacker achieve by exploiting vulnerabilities in your (custom-built) web applications?

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Physical Penetration Test

Could a malicious individual access your offices or buildings and steal important customer information and trade secrets?

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Wireless Penetration Test

Could a malicious outsider or guest gain unauthorized access to your confidential data through your wireless access points?

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Why do you need a Penetration Test?

By performing authorized penetration testing (or "ethical hacking" ) attacks against your organization, Secmentis can demonstrate the effectiveness of your IT security defenses and help you understand the extent of unauthorized access and damage that could be achieved by a malicious hacker.

Benefits of penetration testing : · Protect your organization's reputation & profits; · Get assurance that your systems are secure; · Solid evidence to support increased investments in IT security; · Get independent assurance that your cyber security is solid.

What our customers say

  • “We were extremely pleased with Secmentis’ work on the penetration testing engagements. The reports created by Secmentis were very helpful and of very high quality.”

    Director, (undisclosed) Social Media company

  • “It was great working with the Secmentis team: They quickly understood our requirements and appreciated our tight deadlines, and performed very comprehensive, timely, and useful testing.”

    Head of IT, (undisclosed) Internet company

  • “We have used the services of Secmentis for security testing for our portal and I must say that I was really happy with the service level I got. Secmentis team was really helpful and went the extra mile many times in order to fulfill our needs in squeezed timelines. Given the squeezed timelines, the quality of the deliverables was not compromised by the speed. I will happily request their services again for many other occasions.”

    Head of Development, (undisclosed) Software company

  • “Fantastic communication, very quick turnaround for a detailed report and much more reasonably priced than the big competitors.”

    Director, (undisclosed) Gaming company

It's not a question of "if", but "when", you will be attacked . Be proactive.

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