Cyber Security for Legal in Dominica

legal industry cyber security

The Challenge

The Panama Papers case is perhaps the most well known case of a cyber attack against a law firm. The Legal industry is a target of hackers seeking to extract sensitive business and financial information, or otherwise disrupt the websites and email servers of law companies for financial gain.

Are you confident that your network can withstand attacks by malicious individuals? Do you trust your staff? Did you consider the impact of a hacking attack against your business?

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How we can help

Secmentis can help you proactively test your organization's security and defend your critical data through the following services:

What motivates cyber attacks?

  • Information Theft — cyber criminals want to steal customer and business-critical information
  • Espionage — cyber criminals want to monitor your activities and steal information
  • Hacktivism — cyber criminals want to make a political statement
  • Sabotage — cyber criminals want to blackmail or disrupt your business
  • Cyber Warfare — cyber criminals want to steal your business secrets, and use your systems as stepping stones

Examples of cyberattacks

The following are examples of cyber attacks in your industry:

  • M & A hack attack on 48 elite law firms
  • Hackers breach computer networks of big US law firms
  • Panama Papers law firm says hacked by servers abroad after massive data hack
  • Prestigious law firm admits breach as hacks go public
  • Prominent law firms breached ; confidential information stolen

Conquer fear.

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