Cyber Security for Manufacturing in Denmark (Danmark)

manufacturing industry cyber security

The Challenge

Manufacturers are not immune to hacking attacks. Recent news have revealed how US and UK spies infiltrated the internal networks of the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world.

A separate case showed how hackers managed to steal $55 Million from a Boeing aerospace parts supplier.

The Manufacturing industry is especially vulnerable to cyber attacks due to the sensitivity of information involved, including patented designs and blueprints, as well as, other insider information.

Did you know? Most frequently hacked industries now includes Manufacturing.

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How we can help

Secmentis can help you proactively test your organization's security and defend your critical data through the following services:

What motivates cyber attacks?

  • Information Theft — cyber criminals want to steal customer and business-critical information
  • Espionage — cyber criminals want to monitor your activities and steal information
  • Hacktivism — cyber criminals want to make a political statement
  • Sabotage — cyber criminals want to blackmail or disrupt your business
  • Cyber Warfare — cyber criminals want to steal your business secrets, and use your systems as stepping stones

Examples of cyberattacks

The following are examples of cyber attacks in your industry:

  • Attackers hacked critical manufacturing firm for months; intruders' movements largely undetected
  • Control system hack at manufacturer raises red flag
  • Man charged with sabotage of computers at manufacturing & instrumentation firm; software bomb cripples manufacturing
  • Toy manufacturer hack exposes private data of parents and children after database breach

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