External Penetration Testing in Denmark (Danmark)

Understand and eliminate external threats with External Penetration Testing

External Network Penetration Testing

During an External Attack & Penetration Test , Secmentis consultants employ the same tools, methods and tactics used by the bad guys to breach the public-facing IT systems and network of your organization.

The goal is to identify your vulnerabilities ahead of time and advise you on how to fix them, before a real hacking incident occurs. During an external penetration test, we attempt to gain access to as many of your systems as possible from the outside.

External Penetration Testing in Denmark (Danmark)

Secmentis External Penetration Test services are available in Denmark (Danmark), in major cities like Copenhagen (København), Aarhus (Århus), Odense, Aalborg (Ålborg), Frederiksberg, and Esbjerg, and can be provided remotely. Generally, we provide External Penetration Tests worldwide in the Americas, Asia & Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa regions.

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Approach & Methodology

Our External Penetration Tests are conducted from the perspective of an external, malicious blackhat hacker. We methodically follow these steps:

  • Reconnaissance & Footprinting to gather intelligence about your network environment and identify all external network assets belonging to your company
  • Scanning & Enumeration to discover services and applications, and map externally visible services to their associated vulnerabilities
  • Attack & Exploitation to attack and compromise network targets such as your web apps, email and VPN services, and public websites or portals
  • Access & Exfiltration to extract sensitive data belonging to your company, such as personal information, source code, internal methods/procedures, credit card numbers, etc., and thus demonstrate the impact of a real attack

Note: Our penetration tests begin only after you have given us explicit and signed authorization.


Secmentis will provide you with a report which includes the following deliverables at the end of our testing:

  • Executive Summary , highlighting critical vulnerabilities and business risks, and our recommendations
  • Technical Report with our findings and suggested recommendations for remediation and mitigation of the identified vulnerabilities
  • Presentation of the critical vulnerabilities and business risks (optional)

Benefits of external pentesting

Can you confidently answer "Yes!" to the following?

  • I am prepared for a cyber attack;
  • I am not compromised 100%;
  • I am sure none of my systems is breached;
  • I am not at risk of getting hacked

We provide peace of mind by putting these fears and assumptions to the test.


Which vulnerabilities does our External Penetration Test cover?

Which IT assets does our External Penetration Test cover?

Who could attempt to hack your organization?

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What is the impact of a hacking attack?

Why do you need an external penetration test?

“Average cost of a malware attack on companies is $2.4M”

“23 days: Average time to resolve a ransomware attack”

“130 security breaches per year, net increase of 27.4%” (2017)

(source: Accenture)

Why Secmentis for External Penetration Testing?

We take your cyber security seriously. Our External Penetration Tests are tailor-made for your organization.

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How could an external attacker penetrate your network perimeter?

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Who are your adversaries?


Although not publicly or explicitly, some competitors with malicious intentions use illegal hacking to target and damage your organization.

They target : (a) Trade and Corporate secrets, (b) Key people and employee information, and (c) Business plans and practices.

Organized Cyber Criminals

Organized Cyber Criminals look mostly for immediate or long-term financial gain, through blackmail.

They target : (a) Credit card information, (b) Employee personal information, (c) Sensitive business information, and (d) Trade secrets.


Hacktivists are motivated by social or political change (e.g. promoting a political agenda).

They target : (a) Key people and employee information (e.g. emails), (b) Sensitive business information, (c) Trade and Corporate secrets.

Nation states

Nation states target your organization to gain political, economic or military advantage, depending on the industry you are in.

They target : (a) Key people and employee information (e.g. emails), (b) Sensitive business information, (c) Trade and Corporate secrets, (d) Emerging technology.

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Which IT assets does our External Penetration Test cover?

Our External Penetration Tests are tailor-made for your organization and cover your specific external IT assets.

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Which vulnerabilities does our External Penetration Test cover?

Our External Penetration Tests cover the industry-agreed most critical external network and software vulnerabilities.

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What our customers say

  • “The Secmentis team was very professional in their communications and testing approach, and the penetration testing was very thorough. We were very happy with the report, and found the report to be very well written and very detailed. Secmentis did a great job and delivered the engagement quickly and effectively.”

    Director, (undisclosed) Insurance company

  • “We were extremely pleased with Secmentis’ work on the penetration testing engagements. The reports created by Secmentis were very helpful and of very high quality.”

    Director, (undisclosed) Social Media company

  • “I will definitely contact them again in the future, and recommend Secmentis to everyone who is in need of their services. Thank you for professional and fast work. I really appreciate it!”

    Director, (undisclosed) Internet company

What is the impact of a hacking attack?

Let's explore some of the consequences of a cyber attack on your organization.

Most attacked industries : · Financial Services; · Utilities & Energy; · Communications; · Services; · Technology; · Transportation; · Media; · Consumer Products; · Hospitality; · Retail; · Public sector; · Education & Research

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Why do you need an External Penetration Test?

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