DDoS Stress Testing in Chile

Proactively stress test your infrastructure with DDoS Stress Testing

DDoS Stress Testing

Through DDoS Stress Testing, Secmentis can help you test the effectiveness of your existing IT defenses and how well your people respond in the event of a DDoS attack.

The goal of DDoS Stress Testing is to help your IT staff become more alert and prepared to deflect DDoS attacks against your IT infrastructure.

DDoS Stress Testing in Chile

Secmentis DDoS Stress Testing services are available in Chile, in major cities like Santiago, Puente Alto, Antofagasta, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, and Talcahuano, and can be provided remotely. Generally, we provide DDoS Stress Testing worldwide in the Americas, Asia & Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa regions.

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Approach & Methodology

We perform DDoS Stress Testing at various layers by following these steps:

  • Intelligence Gathering : We compile an inventory of assets to attack and confirm the assets to be attacked with you, before the DDoS Stress Test begins
  • DDoS Stress Test : We perform stress testing at various layers, from the web app layer (Layer 7) down to the network layer (Layer 3). Our DDoS Stress Tests are announced (or unannounced) as previously agreed with your IT staff
  • Post-test Assessment : We assess the findings of our DDoS Stress Tests and analyze the results
  • Report : We compile a report with our findings and recommendations for remediation and defense

Note : A DDoS Stress Test by Secmentis begins only after you have given us explicit and signed authorization.


Secmentis uses the same tools and tactics used by the bad guys to perform DDoS Stress Testing. We use both manual and automated methods and tools to simulate a real DDoS attack.

At the end of our test you receive a report including our findings and recommendations for remediation, and how to best defend yourself against future DDoS attacks.

Why DDoS Stress Testing?

By simulating a DDoS attack against select targets within your IT infrastructure, Secmentis helps you prepare for actual attacks.

You think it could never happen to your business, until it does.

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