Security Hardening in British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Protect your infrastructure with Security Hardening

Security Hardening

With our Security Hardening services, Secmentis consultants help you proactively harden your IT infrastructure in order to decrease the attack surface and the likelihood of an attack occurring in the first place.

The goal of our Security Hardening is to exploit the attackers' mindset and proactively defend your IT infrastructure at all layers, from individual IT systems, to network routers, to firewalls and other security devices.

Security Hardening in British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Secmentis Security Hardening services are available in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), in major cities like Tortola, and Road Town, and can be provided remotely. Generally, we provide Security Hardening worldwide in the Americas, Asia & Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa regions.

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Approach & Methodology

To harden your IT infrastructure we take the following steps:

  • Intelligence Gathering : We identify and compile an inventory of all software and hardware assets comprising your IT infrastructure, both authorized and unauthorized. Secmentis consultants work with your IT people to categorize assets by function and criticality
  • Security Hardening : We harden assets identified in our Intelligence Gathering, including but not limited to, network routers, firewalls, operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux), VPN servers, database systems, and servers hosting your business web apps
  • Hardening Report : We provide you with a report clarifying our security hardening work and providing future guidelines to keep your IT infrastructure hardened and secure

Note : Security Hardening work is mutually agreed between Secmentis and your senior IT people before it commences.


Secmentis uses industry-standard and custom-built methods and tools to harden your IT infrastructure, at all layers, from the network routers, to the operating systems, to your web app servers.

At the end of our Security Hardening work you receive a report outlining and clarifying the work undertaken and providing future guidelines to your IT people.

Better to be safe and secure than sorry.

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