Vulnerability Assessment in Armenia (Հայաստանի Հանրապետություն)

Understand your security posture with Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

During Vulnerability Assessment (also called Vulnerability Scanning), the Secmentis team scans and assesses vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. However, unlike in a penetration test, Secmentis will not proceed to actually exploit and access targeted assets, yet we will eliminate any false-positives found in our vulnerability scans.

The goal of Vulnerability Assessment is to quickly identify potential vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure in order to understand your current security posture, without simulating a real hacker attack.

Vulnerability Assessment in Armenia (Հայաստանի Հանրապետություն)

Secmentis Vulnerability Assessment services are available in Armenia (Հայաստանի Հանրապետություն), in major cities like Yerevan (Երևան), Gyumri (Գյումրի), Vanadzor (Վանաձոր), Vagharshapat (Վաղարշապատ), Hrazdan (Հրազդան), and Abovyan (Աբովյան), and can be provided remotely. Generally, we provide Vulnerability Assessment worldwide in the Americas, Asia & Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa regions.

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Approach & Methodology

Our Vulnerability Assessment is conducted from a blackbox perspective as a malicious outsider. We methodically follow these steps:

  • Reconnaissance & Footprinting to gather intelligence about your IT infrastructure
  • Scanning & Enumeration to discover targets and assess them for vulnerabilities

Note: Our vulnerability scanning begins only after you have given us explicit and signed authorization.


Secmentis will provide you with a report which includes the following deliverables at the end of our testing:

  • Executive Summary , highlighting highly rated vulnerabilities and business risks, and our recommendations
  • Technical Report with our findings and suggested recommendations for remediation and mitigation of the identified vulnerabilities
  • Presentation of the highly rated vulnerabilities and business risks (optional)

Our vulnerability scans will quickly give you the overall picture of your security posture. All vulnerabilities identified in our vulnerability scans are further manually verified by Secmentis .


What's the difference between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing?

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What is the difference between Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing?

The key differences between Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing clearly explained.

Vulnerability Assessment or Scanning...

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