Cyber Security for Food & Beverage

food and beverage industry cyber security

The Challenge

The Food & Beverage industry is especially vulnerable to external hackers. These cyber criminals seek to steal credit cards, customer data, and sensitive business information.

Can your digital defenses stop these malicious adversaries? Just how vulnerable is your network to insider threats? We can answer these and other questions regarding your IT infrastructure's security.

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How we can help

Secmentis can help you proactively test your organization's security and defend your critical data through the following services:

What motivates cyber attacks?

  • Information Theft — cyber criminals want to steal customer and business-critical information
  • Espionage — cyber criminals want to monitor your activities and steal information
  • Hacktivism — cyber criminals want to make a political statement
  • Sabotage — cyber criminals want to blackmail or disrupt your business
  • Cyber Warfare — cyber criminals want to steal your business secrets, and use your systems as stepping stones

Examples of cyberattacks

The following are examples of cyber attacks in your industry:

  • Growing cybersecurity concerns in Food and Beverage organizations
  • US-based soft drink company IT systems hacked and sensitive files stolen
  • US restaurant chain and international franchise hacked resulting in customer info loss

Businesses we work with: Beverage companies, Food companies, Packaged food companies, Agriculture processor companies, Tobacco processor companies, Dairy companies, Food stores, Food products manufacturing companies, Crop production & processing companies

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