Incident response for major Forex company

The Engagement


The client company contacted Secmentis for help, after being blackmailed repeatedly with DDoS attacks by a cyber criminal. The cyber criminal managed to take down the main website of the forex company, and significantly delayed the trading platform. Because of these actions, the company's main business started suffering, after the first week of the attacks.

Furthermore, the company noticed that the cyber criminal was also attempting to breach several public-facing servers, and may have used the DDoS attack as a cover.

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The objectives of the engagement were set as follows:

  • Identify , if possible, the attackers' origins, motives, and whereabouts
  • Perform an assessment of the IT infrastructure to detect any entry points that could be exploited by the attackers
  • Provide advice & Implement a DDoS protection layer to protect critical sites


Secmentis uses the same tools and tactics used by the bad guys against your business. We use both manual and automated testing methods, and take advantage of both custom-built and industry available tools.

The Secmentis team also uses OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) methods and tools to perform research, in this instance, to identify the attackers, the origins of the attack, and the attackers' whereabouts.


Secmentis consultants achieved great results, some of which are summarized below.

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