Cyber Security for Energy & Utilities in Costa Rica

energy and utilities industry cyber security

The Challenge

Energy companies are among the favorite targets of hackers. Recent cyber attacks have cost energy companies millions in losses, most frequently due to lost business and damaged equipment.

Hackers are not only after sensitive data, trade secrets, and patented designs; they are also after causing physical damage. If this is not enough, there are hackers who want to make a political point, too.

The Energy & Utilities industries are some of the most vulnerable industries for cyber attacks.

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How we can help

Secmentis can help you proactively test your organization's security and defend your critical data through the following services:

What motivates cyber attacks?

  • Information Theft — cyber criminals want to steal customer and business-critical information
  • Espionage — cyber criminals want to monitor your activities and steal information
  • Hacktivism — cyber criminals want to make a political statement
  • Sabotage — cyber criminals want to blackmail or disrupt your business
  • Cyber Warfare — cyber criminals want to steal your business secrets, and use your systems as stepping stones

Examples of cyberattacks

The following are examples of cyber attacks in your industry:

Energy / Electricity

  • Attackers hacked US Department of Energy 159 times in 4 years
  • The cunning, unprecedented hack of Ukraine's power grid
  • Thousands of industrial energy systems can be remotely hacked


  • Hackers take control of US public water treatment facilities
  • US Public Utility Control System was hacked
  • Huge security threats to US and Canadian utility industries

Cost of A Data Breach for Energy sector

$167 per capita

(source: Ponemon Institute)

Businesses we work with: Electricity production companies, Power companies, Merchant energy companies, Water companies, Regulated/Unregulated water utilities, Regulated electricity network, Electric utilities, Transmission & Distribution utilities, Multi-utility companies, Power plants

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