Cyber Security for Aerospace & Defense in Cameroun

aerospace and defense industry cyber security

The Challenge

The threat of a cyber attack against the Aerospace & Defense industry has escalated in recent years. Although many organizations comply with governmental standards of compliance, the constant changes in IT systems may leave your organization vulnerable to attack.

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How we can help

Secmentis can help you proactively test your organization's security and defend your critical data through the following services:

What motivates cyber attacks?

  • Information Theft — cyber criminals want to steal customer and business-critical information
  • Espionage — cyber criminals want to monitor your activities and steal information
  • Hacktivism — cyber criminals want to make a political statement
  • Sabotage — cyber criminals want to blackmail or disrupt your business
  • Cyber Warfare — cyber criminals want to steal your business secrets, and use your systems as stepping stones

Examples of cyberattacks

The following are examples of cyber attacks in your industry:


  • Hackers successfully ground 1,400 passengers on Polish Airways flight
  • Hacker Steals $170,000 by hacking airline website
  • Malaysia Airlines website compromised by hackers


  • $55 Million Cyber Heist strikes aerospace parts manufacturer
  • Flaw used to attack French aerospace employees
  • German Aerospace Center hit by malicious attack


  • Hackers access Redstone military defense secrets
  • Chinese national admits hacking US defense firms
  • Swiss defense contractor hack results in gigabytes of stolen data

Businesses we work with: Aircraft manufacturers, Aerospace/Spacecraft manufacturers, Defense manufacturers, Military equipment manufacturers, Aeronautics agencies, Aerospace Research agencies

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